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Watermelon Flavour | Powder | 20 Sachets | 10g each

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The Ultimate Fruits & Veggies Fix

Eat the rainbow, the easy way.

  • Full spectrum nutrition from all plant colours.
  • 23 proven superfoods, made delicious.
  • Antioxidants, phytochemicals, vitamins, & minerals, naturally.
  • Supercharge your immunity, vitality & overall wellbeing.
  • Nutrition supplement powder.




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Soy &
Gluten Free

with Fiber


23 Essential

Natural Vitamins
& Minerals

No Artificial
& Colours

Fills the gaps in
your daily nutrition

Improves gut
health & nourishes
good bacteria

vitality & energy

Skin & hair

immunity booster

Supports healthy
metabolism & weight management


Aids detoxification
& increases alkalinity

free radicals

digestive enzymes

Promotes healthy
blood circulation

Support brain,
cardiovascular, eye
& endocrine health

healthy aging

Perfect For

Those leading a busy lifestyle

With no time for tediously preparing and consuming healthy and colourful meals, everyday.

Bridging the nutrition gap

Those who are not consuming enough quantity or variety of vegetables and fruits in their current diet, and want to bridge the gap, day after day.

Picky eaters

Who don’t like to expand their horizons but still want to eat more plants, the easy way

Replacing gimmicky immunity pills

Get potent nutrition in effective doses, from real and natural whole food sources, rather than popping pills with unrealistic claims.

Health & fitness enthusiasts

Who want to be stress-free about consistently having a powerful and balanced nutrition profile.

Eating all the colours, in one go

Consume multiple superfoods from every colour (greens AND more) quickly and easily.

Parents of fussy teenagers

Who want to fill the nutrition gaps for their children, and put a complete nutrition profile within their reach.

Rise Above Your Everyday Greens

Eat your greens AND more. Scientists recommend to 'Eat the Rainbow' daily -
it's your gateway to harnessing the power of real food as medicine.

Eating a diverse variety of different coloured fruits and vegetables every single
day, is essential for peak performance of the body and mind.

Red Plus


Beetroot | Watermelon | Tomato | Pomegranate | Rosehip



Mangosteen | Custard Apple | Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) Oil | Inulin (Plant-based Prebiotic)


Orange & Yellow

Pumpkin | Carrot | Papaya | Turmeric (Curcumin)



Spinach | Chlorella | Barley Grass | Asparagus | Wheatgrass | Moringa Oleifera | Amla

Blue & Violet

Grape Seed | Blueberry | Black Plum

Let’s hear from
the experts

Adding colour to your meals will help you live a longer, healthier life. Colourful fruits and vegetables can paint a beautiful picture of health because they contain phytonutrients, compounds that give plants their rich colours as well as their distinctive tastes and aromas. When humans eat plant foods, phytonutrients protect us from chronic diseases. Phytonutrients have potent anti-cancer and anti-heart disease effects. And epidemiological research suggests that food patterns that include fruits and vegetables are associated with a reduced risk of many chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, and may be protective against certain types of cancers. Each colour provides various health benefits and no one colour is superior to another, which is why a balance of all colours is most important.

Dr. Katherine D. McManus, MS, RD, LDN
Harvard Health Publishing

Despite the widely known health benefits of consuming fruits and vegetables, low intakes are historically consistent, with recent data from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System indicating that most adults consume insufficient amounts. Only 9% and 12% of adults met the recommendations for vegetables and fruits, respectively. Moreover, a report based on food consumption data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) found that 8 out of 10 fall short in every colour of phytonutrients, referred to as a ‘phytonutrient gap’ (88% of people neglected to meet their daily serving).

Dr. Minich DM
A Review of the Science of Colorful, Plant-Based Food and Practical Strategies for "Eating the Rainbow".

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What an amazing product, really love it!!

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The product is good, will buy again.

Wonderful product

Really impressed by the quality of the product.

Harsh Raj
Good product

The product is really amazing, satisfied with the product quality.

Amazing Product

The product is really amazing, definitely gonna buy some more!!

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Adaptogen Superfoods

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Deep Sleep Reset

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What age group is RISE suitable for?

Anyone over the age of 12 can consume RISE in the recommended dosage. Always conduct your medical practitioner before use, specially if you are pregnant or lactating, have a known medical conditions and/or are taking drugs.

Are there any side effects? Is consuming RISE safe?

RISE is a natural and plant-based product, with no artificial ingredients, sweeteners, or preservatives. It is safe to consume in the recommended dosage with no side-effects. RISE has been formulated with superior ingredients keeping in accordance with RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowances), over years of research by our experienced team of scientists and health experts, contains precise doses, and adheres to all regulatory authority, government and FSSAI rules and guidelines.

When is the best time to consume RISE?

RISE has been formulated to be consumed at any time of the day. For optimal absorption and to kickstart and energise your day with the bounty of complete plant nourishment, consume in the morning.

Why do I need RISE?

To get proper nutrition and fill the gaps in your daily diet. Scientists recommend to ‘Eat the Rainbow’ i.e. to paint your plate with all plant colours, daily. WHO recommends an intake of 400gms of fruits & vegetables per day. The US Dietary Guidelines recommended consuming 2 1/2 cups of vegetables and 2 cups of fruit in a day. People have busy lives, and it is very tedious for even the most regimented and disciplined individual to include this abundant variety to meals every single day, that too in the required quantities. RISE puts the recommended intake of fruits and vegetables within reach.

What is different or unique about RISE?

RISE is a first-of-its-kind product in India that addresses the true nutrition requirements that scientists recommend for optimal intake of fruits and vegetables. Currently, other health supplements provide nutrition from just one or maximum two colours and contain micro dosages which are ineffective and insufficient. RISE packs in the power of 23 superior ingredients to give you your daily required dose of greens AND all other colours. Additionally, each serving is a plentiful 10 grams and provide real health benefits, without gimmicks. A single dose of RISE contains 73% of the daily recommended intake of antioxidants, is packed with nutrition equivalent to 1.3 full servings of fruits and vegetables, comes in a convenient on-the-go format and has a delicious and refreshing watermelon flavour.

What result can I expect after having RISE?

RISE contains 23 superfoods, each with individual and synergistic benefits, to give you a complete nutrition profile across the spectrum. RISE provides wholesome daily nutrition and antioxidant intake, and helps improve immunity, vitality, energy, gut health, nourishes skin and hair, and promotes healthy aging and improves your overall health and wellbeing.

How long does it take to work?

RISE provides you with essential nutrients from Day 1. Best and lasting results should follow after 3 months of regularly consuming the daily dose, and continue long-term for upkeep of the results. Since natural and plant-based nutrition works on the core root of health, we recommend patience and consistency as each body is different and health is not a magic pill.

Is RISE vegetarian or vegan?

Our products are exclusively plant-based, and are vegetarian and vegan both.

How many servings of fruit and/or vegetables are in one serving?

A single dose of RISE (i.e. 1 sachet of 10g) is equivalent to 1.3 full servings of fruits and vegetables and additionally also contains 73% of your daily recommended antioxidants intake, from a variety of 23 superfoods.

Can I consume my daily multi-vitamin with this?

You can safely consume your daily multivitamin along with our ‘Eat The Rainbow’ Rise superfood powder. Our superfood powder supplements contain a blend of nutrient-rich whole food ingredients, like fruits and vegetables, while multivitamins typically have basic essential vitamins and minerals. While multivitamins provide certain essential nutrients, superfood powder supplements deliver different nutrients which are also vital, such as concentrated doses of phytonutrients, antioxidants, and other beneficial plant compounds that may be missing in your average diet and not present in multivitamins. The 'Eat The Rainbow' concept is based on the idea of consuming a variety of fruits and vegetables of different colours to provide a wider range of nutrients and phytochemicals, each colour group providing different health benefits. By adding a superfood powder, you can bridge the gap in your diet and provide additional health benefits to your body.