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On a mission to provide effective supplements

for a better you

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We’re driven by
Purpose, Passion, Integrity & Mission.

Hand Over Ocean

In today’s world, wellness is multi-faceted - we care about not only your physical health, but also your mental and emotional wellness too.

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Immunity and wellbeing is not a magic pill. We believe in taking care of you holistically, through the core pillars of good health according to science - not with quick fixes or gimmicks.

The secret to enduring good health is quite simple - healthy habits, consistently. And healthy habits shouldn’t be a chore.

Hand Over Ocean

We believe in empowering you with delicious, sincere and potent nutrition that fits into your daily life, effortlessly.

A routine that’s easy-to-sustain. So that you can truly thrive and live your life to the fullest - being the strongest & happiest version of yourself, without worrying about your health.

We’ve crafted science-backed solutions addressing modern problems, from nature itself.

To help you move, think and feel your best.
All day, every day.
So you can maximize every moment of life.

Hand Over Ocean


Hand Over Ocean

Health elixirs-on-the-go.

Hand Over Ocean

Designed for busy lives.

It’s about being #BetterAtLiving.

Through mindful, plant-powered innovations.

Unique elixirs

Validated by years of research, we have innovated completely unique blends in unique modes of delivery, addressing actual gaps in your daily nutrition. Our unique easy-to-adopt Nourish-Thrive-Recover ™ system, helps you take care of every aspect of your health with utmost ease.

Real effective
doses & results

We’ve developed clean natural supplements that actually work. No outlandish claims. No dust ingredients in inconsequential quantities that have no real health benefits. We’re talking real effective doses, result-oriented formulations, quality ingredients that actually have a synergistic effect - made to optimize the system holistically, for peak performance of the body and mind.

Backed by science

Our formulations have a strong foundation of the most crucial scientific principles at their core, created by our experienced Advisory Board consisting of prominent doctors, scientists, nutrition specialists and highly qualified domain experts.

Harnessing the
power of nature

Our blends contain all-natural, pure, high-quality and plant-based ingredients - including those that have been used traditionally for centuries and are validated by modern science to have powerful benefits.

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Our Promise:
Safety, Honesty, Transparency.

Natural & Plant-Based

High Quality Ingredients

FSSAI Compliant

Innovation at the Forefront

Effective Dosages & Result-Oriented

Trusted Suppliers

Prioritising Delicious Taste

Formulated with Care, by Experts

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A message from the Founder

Shaurya Goel

Everyone should understand health and wellness. With Better For You, my goal is to empower individuals with the right knowledge and tools for this. I believe that it's a continuous journey, and it's crucial to be mindful of the core principles that shape our daily lives.

The intention is to demystify health and wellness and make it easy and accessible - by providing scientifically-backed information, a holistic approach, and natural solutions. Thus enabling us all to make informed decisions about our health and wellness, so that it becomes a seamless part of our lives - just like second-nature.

My goal is to help you on your journey towards being your best self, and I’m thrilled to share this with you. I hope it makes as positive an impact on your life, as it has on mine.